ME302 Heat & Mass Transfer

Convection heattransfer: Newton’s law of cooling- Laminar and Turbulent flow, Reynolds Number, Critical Reynolds Number, Prandtl Number, Nusselt Number, Grashoff Number and Rayleigh’s Number. Dimensional analysis Buckingham’s Pi theorem- Application of dimensional analysis to free and forced convection- empirical relations- problems using empirical relations.

Radiation- Nature of thermalradiation-definitions and concepts- monochromatic and total emissivepower-Intensity of radiation- solid angle- absorptivity, reflectivity andtransmissivity-Concept of black body- Planck’ law- Kirchoff’s law- Wein’s displacement law-Stefan Boltzmann’s law- black, gray and real surfaces-Configuration factor (derivation for simple geometries only)- Electrical analogy- Heat exchange between black/gray surfaces- infinite parallel plates, equal and parallel opposite plates-perpendicular rectangles having common edge- parallel discs (simple problems using charts and tables). Radiation shields(no derivation).

Mass Transfer :Mass transfer by molecular diffusion- Fick’s law of diffusion- Diffusion coefficient Steady state diffusion of gases and liquids through solid- equimolar diffusion, Isothermal evaporation of water through air- simple problems. Convective mass transfer- Evaluation of mass transfer coefficient- empirical relations- simple problems- analogy between heat and mass transfer.